What is Feldenkrais Therapy ?

When is something therapy, and when is it a learning method ?

This is a constant curiousity to me

It’s something that the Feldenkrais community stands firm on.

The IFF party line, is that the Feldenkrais Method is NOT a therapy, it is a learning method

But I use the Feldenkrais Method principles as part therapy and part learning method

My background is as a traditionally trained Health Professions Council Registered UK based Physiotherapist. I completed my Feldenkrais Method training in 1999.

Most of the people I see, come along to my health studios in Reading and Goring because they have an issue

Therapists traditionally work with individuals who have symptoms, or issues.

Our work is about problem solving.

At first level this is often with regard to pain, limited function, or poor performance.

When people feel well they traditionally stay away from Doctors and Physios

Perhaps I can illustrate this with an example

Mrs C came to see me, to get help. She had a 15 year history of headaches.

At first level her problem was headaches, and my knowledge of anatomy and pathology, diagnostics and treatment enabled me to clear her problem.

However, within the approach that I used was embedded a pure Feldenkrais principle

Taking her into her whole body pattern, going with her pattern, helping her learn about her causative habit .

Many therapist work to take people out of their patterns, but with Feldenkrais work, we explore the persons habits.

The “we” who explore are the client and me.

Going with the persons pattern, accepting who they are, starting from where they inhabit the universe. Its a very nice principle and very much acknowledging that they are perfect just as they are