Soft Springy Rugby Pitch Reduces Injury Risk

Today I wrote a paper providing some basic information on tissue healing.

Now into week 5 of the rugby season, the injuries are starting to mount.

Hard ground due to lack of rain, is a big factor.

Very hard dry pitches are like concrete to land on

Certainly the grades of injury players have sustained so far been higher this season than last.

Interestingly this weekend Wallingford played against Cheltenham.

It was a tough match, with nearly two thirds of the usual Wallingford team out.

Although the result was a lose, the great outcome was that there was  just one injured player.

Taking account that the opposition was strong, the factor which almost certainly led to fewer injuries was a well watered pitch.

Cheltenham had two large sprinklers programmed to water the pitch.

The result a soft springy pitch which gave better grip, reduced impact, and reduced risk of injury on both sides