Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

2016 was an amazing year for change, but looking back through some blog posts on here and on my www.ArtofHumanBeing.Uk site, which is the one I use currently, I’m reminded how we leave such a personal trail with the internet which will impact years after we go.

In 2008 I began my Feldenkrais Download Project, short podbeans, podcasts of awareness lessons. mind wanderings, short hypnosis processes.  It was joined by a facebook group where we now have nearly a 1000 members, you are welcome to join.

2017 will be a lot of world change, but the human system stays the same. Training tools for change continues to be my focus, with some creativity and fun thrown in.

Jill Wigmore-Welsh MSc GDPhys HCPC

Physiotherapist, Hypno-Psychotherapist, Coach, Movement Educator, Trainer, Artist



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